Tumescent Liposuction Online Master Class
Learn Why You Need to Offe, In-Office Liposuction using tumescent Anesthesia?

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  • Do you want to build a lasting bond with your patients and clients by helping them get in their best shape through a painless, risk-free, non-surgical procedure that will transform their lives forever? 
  • Are you ready to discover the most advanced, most precise, and safest method in the liposuction body sculpting industry right now?
  •  Congratulations! You made it here. You are about to take part in the safest, most precise, and advanced minimally invasive liposuction technology, which is also the most profitable acquisition for your practice or medical spa right now. Do you want to learn more?

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The package Includes: 


  • History of Tumescent Liposuction
  • Procedure Overview
  • Comparison of each available system in the market
  • Complications, how to handle
  • Patient Selection
  • Pre care protocols
  • Post Care Protocols
  • Patient consultation
  • How to Set Up your OR room Step by Step
  • Patient Marking
  • Detailed Hands - On Demonstration Flank bra Fat Lipo & Abdominal Etching
  • Detailed Hands - On Demonstration Arm Liposuction
  • Detailed Hands - On Demonstration Breast Reduction and BBL  ( Sculpting)
  • Detailed Hands - On DemonstrationChin Liposuction
  • Detailed Hands - On DemonstrationInner and Outer Thighs Liposuction

After Taking This Course You Will Be Ready To Start Offering Liposuction And Fat Transfer In Your Practice!

Course Objectives:

  • Participants will learn knowledge to effectively integrate aesthetic body sculpting procedures, including liposuction, Autologous Fat Transfer into their practice. In addition, participants will have a sound understanding of what Tumescent Liposuction is and realize the importance of detailed history taking and learn how perform photographic documentation. Participants will undergo an intensive review of anatomy
  •  During this course Participants, will learn how to safety perform Tumescent Infiltration and how to prepare solution to be used in every different case according to Dr. Klein's Tumescent solution Formula.
  •   Participants will Learn how Vibration assisted Body Sculpting is an advanced and very gentle process that can be performed in-office without general anesthesia, and why it is considered a cosmetic and dermatologic procedure that removes and transfers fat with minimal risk or pain.

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